Google Analytics

Our Process & Approach

How we help you become a business with a fully optimised growth process

1. Business Review

Before digging into the world of Google Analytics, it's good to understand what the overall business aims are and how online activity fits into that.

This could range from customer analysis to USP evaluation.

2. Analytics Review

We then review every element of data in Analytics, including:

- Who's on your website
- How they found you
- What they've done with you
- Problems they had or encountered
- Positive experiences with you
- What they spent with you

This is the 55 minutes of Einstein's hour to solve a problem.

3. Change Report

We then deliver a report, based predominantly on data, to advise on where a business should be looking to change and why.

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"If I Had 1 Hour To Solve A Problem...

...I would spend 55 minutes on analysing the problem and 5 minutes writing the obvious answer"
Albert Einstein

A Profitable Direction Change

We don't do long contracts. We provide a fundamental business change which equates to multiplications of our fees.

1. Who's Your Customer?

We analyse who you try to target, who you are actually attracting and, historically, who your best customers are. These rarely align when we start; they always do once we're finished.

2. Stop Wasting Money

It can be tough for a growing business to hold their grasp on what's important, profitable and a positive or negative decision. Bring data back in and you've got your foundations for success.

3. Move Forwards

Once you know where you're wasting money, you can both plug the gap and invest in what will drive your business forwards.


No business should ever rely purely on a supplier. We equip businesses to manage the day to day running of SEO while we drive strategy, training and analysis.


Keeping your business informed & on-track

Monthly progress reports

- Overall business performance
- Work log from Spec
- Next steps

Automated dashbaords

- Totals, traffic channels, social & activity
- Emailed into your inbox every day / week / month
- Tailored to your business; fully automated

Keyword tracking

- Keyword positions
- Monthly searches (& changes)
- Learnings from customer behaviour on Google

Detailed CRM reporting

- Learn where converted leads were generated
- Bottom-line improvement; not just clicks or form fills
- Generate more of your best customers, not your worst

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