Once Upon A Time...

...in the land of the internet, there was an idea known as Google. That idea came into fruition and allowed anyone to type a thought into a box. They would then be presented with a universe of opportunities to choose from.

Businesses soon took an interest and vowed to conquer this platform for commercial purposes. Surprisingly, this was met with joy from both the 'anyones' and Google. The evolution of this vow is what your see today on 'Google.com', the world's favourite website.

From This...

During this evolution, Spec was founded by a young chap called Nick Trueman. He was working away in his day job as the technical director of a PPC agency, but had a change of heart and decided to start offering a service that met businesses where they were.

Today, Spec still exists for that very same purpose: growing business through Search Marketing (PPC & SEO).

...To This!

Our Philosophy

It's not about number 1, conversion rates, quality score or any other buzz words that you hear.
It's about business growth, through Paid Ads (PPC) & Organic Rankings (SEO).


Nick Trueman

Director, PPC & SEO Consultant

Starting out in 2007 as a Junior Advertising and Marketing specialist, I have become one of the industry leaders in my field. I currently work with a small selection of brands to help them highlight their goals, reach their targets, planning for further success.

To date, I have been a board member at 4 marketing agencies, sold my own business in 2013 and contracted for over 250 brands. My experience ranges from local SMEs to well known global retailers on the high street.

Emily Whiteway

SEO Consultant

Emily studied fashion at university and joined the Spec team in 2018. Settled in quickly, she has learned the ropes of SEO and contributed heavily to a number of key campaigns and clients under the Spec umbrella.


Rob Stanbury

SEO Consultant

Rob has worked predominantly in the music industry, helping grow and expand a number of local, but professional, music studios. His roles have included building websites, attracting world-famous artists to the studios through online marketing and managing both bands & managers through their experiences. 

Georgia Collender

SEO Consultant

Georgia has a background in in beauty and theatre, joining the Spec team in 2020. With a very creative approach in her thinking, she brings both energy and creative insight to every project. Her long standing interest in Marketing began at University where she was in charge of the Digital Marketing for her course, right through to now being a key member of the Spec team.


Tim Steadman

PPC & SEO Consultant

Before specialising in PPC and SEO, Tim previously worked in digital marketing roles within the music industry and strategic account-based marketing. Tim also brings a wealth of web experience to Spec, having been developing websites on WordPress for over 5 years.

Andy Mills

PPC Consultant

Andy has over 11 years experience in the PPC arena for some of the largest agencies in the UK. Challenges are his speciality, from tracking PPC campaigns to micro-managing devices, locations and individual customer journeys through advertising.


Byron Donovan

Growth Manager - Just Ask Parker

With over 6 years experience working with startups and an extensive knowledge of Shopify and Social media marketing, Byron now helps clients build out and execute their marketing strategies!

Emily Warburton


Emily joined the Spec team in July 2021. With skills in content, blogging and range of other marketing, Emily is now part of the SEO team at our Leatherhead office.


Other Team Members

These are the backroom staff who you're unlikely to meet, but keep the ship afloat behind the scenes

There are a number of other consultants who work at Spec, from our bookkeeper and accountant, to advisors and board members. 

Our Network

We also have over 1,000 UK-based agencies we work with, meeting them through our Digital Workshop agency meetups.

From Web and Email to PR and Content, we've got a contact for every service and need.