Once Upon A Time...

…in the land of the internet, there was an idea known today as Google. That idea came into fruition and allowed anyone to type a thought into a box. They would then be presented with a universe of information to browse.

Businesses soon took an interest and vowed to conquer this platform for commercial purposes. Surprisingly, this was met with joy from both the ‘average Joe’ and Google alike. The evolution of this is what you see today on Google, the world’s favourite website.

In early February 2011, Spec was founded by Nick Trueman. He was working away in his day job as the technical director of a PPC agency, but had a change of heart and decided to start offering a service that met businesses where they were.

Today, Spec still exists for that very same purpose: growing business through Search Marketing (PPC & SEO).

From This...

...To This!

Our Philosophy.

It's not about number 1, conversion rates, quality score or any other buzz words that you hear. It's about business growth, through Paid Ads (PPC) & Organic Rankings (SEO).

SEO Consultancy.

Organic Search, harnessed for your business growth

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PPC Consultancy.

Take opportunities on PPC advertising to find new customers

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Meet the squad.

Get to know the SEO & PPC Experts behind Spec Digital
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Our Network.

We also have a huge range of UK-based agency partners we work with, meeting them through our infamous Digital Workshop agency meetups. From Web and Email to PR and Content, we've got a contact for every service and need.
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