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Tracking from click to customer

Our PPC consultants can help you generate higher click-through rates, increased website traffic, and raised brand visibility by utilising industry expertise and data-driven strategies.

On click

We monitor all activity in all advertising accounts, including advert views, engagements, clicks, conversions, traffic share (%) and all other statistics.

On site

We monitor user journeys, events, clicks, engagements, content read, products purchased, live chat engagement and forms filled.


We even look at CRM data to see what leads have qualified / converted, and which customers are becoming VIP lifetime customers.

We are expert PPC consultants

Our PPC based business growth process has four steps: 
Step One

Set parameters, goals and metrics

Our services all start with a review of where you are now, which presents the obvious way forward.

We will discuss your audience, campaign themes and types, and what PPC goals and subsequent metrics you intend for your business.
SEO Consultancy
Marketing Strategy Planning
Step Two

Choose a campaign type

Our PPC campaign types include:
  • Search Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Social
  • Remarketing
  • Smart Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • All The Ads Types!
Step Three

Perform keyword research

We look at which keywords would be best to target for each ad group for you.

Your Quality Score depends on these keywords being relevant and aligned with the theme of your ad group.

We then look to monitor these throughout the campaign to ensure we’re keeping the successful ones, and updating any that might not be getting you the traffic you were hoping for.

Shopify SEO Keywords
Google Analytics Experts
Step Four

Setup Google Analytics and tracking

Once the campaign is as great as can be, we then turn our attention to connecting you to Google Analytics to track all your progress.

Google Analytics will provide insights into:

  • how well your site is performing
  • how users interact with your pages
  • what content attracts visitors

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PPC Training courses for you and your team

No business should ever rely purely on a supplier. We equip businesses to manage the day to day running of SEO while we drive strategy, training and analysis.
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SEO Training courses


Keeping your business informed and on-track.

Monthly progress reports

- Overall business performance
- Work log from Spec
- Next steps

Automated dashboards

- Totals, traffic channels, social & activity
- Emailed into your inbox every day / week / month
- Tailored to your business; fully automated

Keyword position tracking

- Keyword positions
- Monthly searches (& changes)
- Learnings from customer behaviour on Google

Detailed CRM Reporting

- Learn where converted leads were generated
- Bottom-line improvement; not just clicks or form fills
- Generate more of your best customers, not your worst

Clarity on PPC. What's it all about with Spec?

We ARE about:

  • Accurate & Useful Budgets
  • Educating Clients
  • Analyzing Performance
  • Making Data-Informed Decisions
  • Maximising ROI

We are NOT about:

  • Wasting Budget
  • Leaving Campaigns Un-monitored
  • Relying Solely On AI
  • Keyword ‘Stuffing’
  • Bamboozling Clients

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Here at Spec, we are passionate about growing your business with PPC and SEO consultancy. We work with brands all over the world, from high street retailers, hotel chains and rail operators, to boutique stores and startups.

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