Welcome to our team of online marketing experts, where proficiency meets unique strategies that drive results. Our dedicated team of SEO and PPC geniuses provide a lot of experience to bring to your business. Using Spec as your one stop marketing agency means you can navigate the ever changing digital landscape with ease knowing you’re in the right hands.

From first meeting Emily and Nick from Spec I was impressed, it is always a leap in to the unknown with an SEO company as it takes a while to get results.
That was eighteen months ago, we are now No 1 on many search terms and every month I have an hour long meeting with Emily who always has a new plan of attack to keep things moving forward, I know things are happening.
I cannot recommend them enough….they do what they say they are going to do…..which is rare these days…
John Palmer Palmer & Partners

Our Process.

How we go from 'hello' to profitable results:
  • 1

    We always start with an informal coffee to both build relationships and get an understanding of the business in question.

  • 2
    Plan & Map.

    Using our agreed approach, we get started and get dug in. We take an agile approach; adjusting methodology on the go if required to deliver the desired result.

  • 3
    We Get Results.

    Once we're up and running, we then dig into all the available data to both report on performance and highlight all steps to continue growth.

  • 4
    Together, We Grow.

    Once we're up and running, it's about dual growth on both sides, brand and Spec.

Sample Relationship.

How we helped a retailer gain insight & grow:
  • 1
    We Had Coffee.

    In our initial meeting, we learnt that a high street retailer had no perspective over how SEO was functioning for them, or what they should do to improve it. We agreed that our first project would be a digital audit of all activity involving SEO. The deliverables were a slide deck of learnings, a strategy and a small mountain of spreadsheets with key data for the business.

  • 3
    We Had Our Plan.

    With the strategy in place, we deployed a series of training sessions for the internal team and technical action lists that were to be deployed on the website.
    We then met with their offsite suppliers and teams, such as the PR agency and TV company. This activity was then integrated with our SEO strategy to boost performance and drive customer engagement.

  • 2
    The Results.

    With all wheels in motion, it was then about a 'test and learn' approach to update. We created guides, processes and methods of monitoring the impact of work.
    The internal team owned this approach and therefore controlled their growth, with our support. Later, our work was geared toward the new multi-million pound website development.

  • 4
    Together, We Grow.

    The client eventually out-grew us and we helped them locate a larger agency to support the ever-growing activity through SEO.
    Because of this project, our team gained an insight into a new industry for us. Their new website was also launched on Hybris which was our first project with this solution.

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