Digital Audit

Digital Website Audit - Empower Your Business

All your digital marketing questions answered!

1. Complete Channel Analysis

We crawl through all the data we can find on every channel or website that is driving traffic to your business.

We want to know:

- Where your sales come from
- Who's driving traffic to you
- Which ads are you running

We can then build a map of your digital footprint.

2. Building Briefs

With the data in hand, we create a 1 page brief for every marketing channel. It'll include a strategy for growth and what you, or your suppliers, need to do to improve performance.

This audit really becomes the core of all you do, from leveraging PR to boost SEO to making website changes based on data. These briefs will be cost-justifying activities that the business can really get behind.


- How the brand is positioned in PR
- Adding 20 new pages on the website which have SEO keywords and a proven story to create conversion
- Creating more insightful content for customers to encourage a purchase or signup
- Building a newsletter or free guide module series for potential customers, which are easier to attract and nurture than asking for the hard-sell on their first website visit

3. Delivery

Project delivery comes in 2 key parts;

1. A face to face workshop session
2. 2/3 month check-ins

This allows businesses to both get under the skin of the report and make a positive difference with the results.

4. Let's Do This Again!

We believe in running these audits every 6-12 months for a business. It's an opportunity to take a step back, review what's going on and strategically engage in new activities moving forward.

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Why This Project?

Get Perspective

The deliverables of this project will give you an entire perspective over you online business. From what's working well to what can be heavily improved both overnight & longterm.

Key Learnings

We're a build that equips in the way we deliver projects. You won't simply be emailed a PDF... You'll be walked through our deliverables and prompted to ask questions to further your own knowledge.

Looking Forward

A wise man once said, "the biggest killer of future success is current success." To keep your eyes fixed forwards, you should always be building through analysis what you have of value today.

It's All About Perspective

What are you doing, where are you going and where do you want to be?

Example Deliverables

Here's what you can expect from us...

  • 50-100 slide PDF & over 500 rows of spreadsheet data
  • A basic level of training during handover
  • Your website in data & spreadsheet format
  • A brief for every sales channel (PPC, SEO, Email, Social, PR...etc.)
  • A strategy to move your business forward

It's A One-Time MOT

Get the business health-check that'll turbo charge your digital efforts.

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