Analytics Is Going To Die!

The end of Universal Analytics is coming…

Yes, Google’s Universal Analytics is finally going to be ending, replaced by their new Google Analytics 4 (dubbed ‘GA4’). Therefore, there’s no need to panic! Or is there…

Google is facing a future without cookies and further uncertainty regarding the ongoing war on privacy. Let’s face it – the average internet user has no idea what a cookie even is. Nor do a huge amount of marketing experts!

The good news is that GA4 is coming and can work cookie-less. This uses machine learning, AI and a range of other Google toys to bring you the data that you so crave.

So what do we need to do?

Luckily, we’ve got a few helpful tips to see you through:

Get GA4 Running

The first thing to do is get GA4 turned on and collecting data. The sooner you do this, the closer you are to having year on year comparisons.

Download Data

One day soon, you won’t have access to your current reports, so start downloading them and keep a backup to reference in the future.

Watch The News

GA4 is brand new and many agree that it’s not ready to be launched. Therefore, it’s subject to change a lot in the coming months.

In Conclusion

There is going to be a lot of change coming, so get yourself ready. The good news is that at the time of writing this (July 2022), there is plenty of time to plan and set yourself up ahead of the big change.

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