Digital Audits

Our Process & Approach

How we help you become a business with a fully optimised growth process

1. Complete Channel Analysis

We crawl through all the data we can find on every channel or website that is driving traffic to your business.

We want to know:

- Where your sales come from
- Who's driving traffic to you
- Which ads are you running

We can then build a map of your digital footprint.

2. 1-Page Briefs

With the data in hand, we create a 1 page brief for every marketing channel. It'll include a strategy for growth and what you, or your suppliers, need to do to improve performance.

3. Delivery

Project delivery comes in 2 key parts;

1. A face to face workshop session
2. 2/3 month check-ins

This allows businesses to both get under the skin of the report and make a positive difference with the results.

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It's All About Perspective

What are you doing, where are you going and where do you want to be?

It's A One-Time MOT

Get the business health-check that'll turbo charge your digital efforts.

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