Expert SEO Consultants.

How we work / an outline of our business growth process through SEO:

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We Didn't Invent SEO...

We utilised it for business growth.

A Rolling Quarterly Programme.

A simple rolling plan of action, pushing forward the 3 core parts of SEO.
1. Technical.

A look at all technical elements of SEO. Can Google read the website? Is the technical side of UX delivering a good experience to Organic Search traffic?

2. Content.

A look at all content elements of SEO. Is the content engaging? Can we improve it? Does it focus on the right or wrong thing?

3. Offsite.

A look at all offsite elements of SEO. Does your business have a good reputation? Are customers saying good things? Is social working for you?

SEO Training Course.

No business should ever rely purely on a supplier. We equip businesses to manage the day to day running of SEO while we drive strategy, training and analysis.


Keeping your business informed & on-track.
  • 1
    Monthly Progress Reports.

    - Overall business performance
    - Work log from Spec
    - Next steps

  • 2
    Automated Dashboards.

    - Totals, traffic channels, social & activity
    - Emailed into your inbox every day / week / month
    - Tailored to your business; fully automated

  • 3
    Keyword Tracking.

    - Keyword positions
    - Monthly searches (& changes)
    - Learnings from customer behaviour on Google

  • 4
    Detailed CRM Reporting.

    - Learn where converted leads were generated
    - Bottom-line improvement; not just clicks or form fills
    - Generate more of your best customers, not your worst

Clarity on SEO.

What's it all about with Spec?

We are NOT about:

  • Aimlessly Racing To No.1
  • Finding Loop-Holes
  • Creating Useless Content
  • Building Pointless Links
  • Pretending SEO Is Wizardry

We ARE about:

  • Business Improvement
  • Finding The Right Customers
  • Long Term Growth
  • Working From A Proper Plan
  • Training Brands To Be Involved

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