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How we work / an outline of our business growth process through SEO

1. Website SEO Audit

Einstein was right when he said that if he only had one hour to solve a problem, he would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and the remaining 5 minutes solving it.

Our services all start with a review of where you are now, which presents the obvious way forward.

2. Technical SEO

Our technical SEO project includes:

- Looking at what potential customers search for on Google
- Ensuring that all the technical elements of your website are working so Google can see what you offer
- Providing you with a comprehensive list of actions and amends to make on your website

3. Content SEO

We look at every piece of content on your website(s), including:

- Video
- Text
- Imagery
- User-generated content

We then look to optimise what you present to customers to ensure we're answering the queries (search terms) that people are typing into Google.

4. Offsite SEO

Once the website is as great as can be, we then turn our attention to improving your businesses reputation around the web.

This includes looking at all mentions of the brand, including:
- Social Media
- Review websites
- Google Maps and useful locational directories (such as Yell and Yelp)
- Partner businesses
- Endorsements, such as awards or accreditations

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We Didn't Invent SEO.

We utilised it for businesses growth

A Rolling Quarterly Programme

A simple, popular rolling 3-month plan of action, pushing each element further forward on every visit.

1. Technical

A look at all technical elements of SEO. Can Google read the website? Is the technical side of UX delivering a good experience to Organic Search traffic?

2. Content

A look at all content elements of SEO. Is the content engaging? Can we improve it? Does it focus on the right or wrong thing?

3. Offsite

A look at all offsite elements of SEO. Does your business have a good reputation? Are customers saying good things? Is social working for you?

SEO Training Course

No business should ever rely purely on a supplier. We equip businesses to manage the day to day running of SEO while we drive strategy, training and analysis.


Keeping your business informed & on-track

Monthly progress reports

- Overall business performance
- Work log from Spec
- Next steps

Automated dashbaords

- Totals, traffic channels, social & activity
- Emailed into your inbox every day / week / month
- Tailored to your business; fully automated

Keyword tracking

- Keyword positions
- Monthly searches (& changes)
- Learnings from customer behaviour on Google

Detailed CRM reporting

- Learn where converted leads were generated
- Bottom-line improvement; not just clicks or form fills
- Generate more of your best customers, not your worst

Clarity on SEO

What's it all about with Spec?

We are NOT about:

  • Aimlessly Racing To No.1
  • Finding Loop-Holes
  • Creating Useless Content
  • Building Pointless Links
  • Pretending SEO Is Wizardry

We ARE About:

  • Business Improvement
  • Finding The Right Customers
  • Long Term Growth
  • Working From A Proper Plan
  • Training Brands To Be Involved

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