PPC Consultants London

Take the opportunities on PPC advertising to find new customers

Tracking From Click To Customer

We connect up all your systems so we know EXACTLY what's working, and what's failing.

On Click

We monitor all activity in all advertising accounts, including advert views, engagements, clicks, conversions, traffic share (%) and all other stats.

On Site

We monitor user journeys, events, clicks, engagements, content read, products purchased, live chat engagement and forms filled.


We even look at CRM data to see what leads have qualified / converted, and which customers are becoming VIP lifetime customers.

Managing PPC is one thing, but consultancy is an end to end customer acquisition solution

Expert PPC Consultants

Here's an outline of our process in acquiring new customers through PPC ads

1. Website Audit

Einstein was right when he said that if he only had one hour to solve a problem, he would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and the remaining 5 minutes solving it.

Our services all start with a review of where you are now, which presents the obvious way forward.

2. Pilot PPC Campaigns

PPC has the ability to be tested very quickly and cheaply through:

- Looking at what potential customers are searching for on Google
- Targeting them with a range of specific ads
- Monitoring carefully who engages, who converts and what value they are to your business

3. Channel Growth

Once we know who is the right customer and who engages well with your ads, we can then look further afield than a single platform, including:

- Facebook and Instagram
- LinkedIn
- Google Display
- Video ads
- Sponsored Gmail

These may come at an additional cost, but only with the evidence of business growth on the the horizon.

4. Business Growth

How much would you pay to double the volume of 'top 10% most valuable customers' in your business? It's likely much more than your current Cost / Conversion target.

Our aim with PPC is to get to a stage where we know what a new customer is worth and how to determine between a low value and high value one.

This then allows your online advertising to drive the best traffic to your website.

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"Half My Marketing Budget Is Wasted...

...I just don't know which half!"
John Wanamaker (1838 - 1922)

An Ongoing, Trust-Based Relationship

We don't tie you into a long contract. We simply make ourselves what you need us to be, so long as you need us.

1. We Do

Finding someone internally to manage PPC activity can be a difficult task and we're here to relieve that burden.

2. We Advise

We provide independent advice on how PPC should be delivering for a business, with a plan to improve.

3. We Train

You've got your team but their strengths are not in PPC; we can bring them up to speed with a strategy for success.


No business should ever rely purely on a supplier. We equip businesses to manage the day to day running of SEO while we drive strategy, training and analysis.


Keeping your business informed & on-track

Monthly progress reports

- Overall business performance
- Work log from Spec
- Next steps

Automated dashbaords

- Totals, traffic channels, social & activity
- Emailed into your inbox every day / week / month
- Tailored to your business; fully automated

Keyword tracking

- Keyword positions
- Monthly searches (& changes)
- Learnings from customer behaviour on Google

Detailed CRM reporting

- Learn where converted leads where generated
- Bottom-line improvement; not just clicks or form fills
- Generate more of your best customers, not your worst

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