Shopify+ SEO Consultancy

Shopify+ SEO Consultancy

We've work on Shopify, one of the worlds fastest growing Ecommerce platforms. As a cloud-based solution, there are many features that you cannot change and SEO can be challenging. 

That said, there's also less dev work required and, therefore, you can get on with optimising your business and acquiring new customers! 

Need an ecommerce agency? We partner with a number of the UK's leading Shopify experts, from freelance consultants to a fully bespoke agencies. 

With both of us, you get the benefit of a full-fledged partnership and start with an excellent communication between both partners. 

Some Interesting Points

We've Launched Lots of Stores!

Choosing a platform is tough enough, let alone trying to actually migrate / launching your store.

So Many Plugins...

There are so many plugins (known as apps) on Shopify. Some help with SEO, but choosing the wrong ones could create significant pain down the line.


With less time spent with developers, you've got more time to spend acquiring new customers and increasing lifetime value!

Work Smarter

We coach & training your teams to do their jobs more effectively with new processes & feedback loops. Get your business working harder!

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