Nick started his career at a small PPC agency in Surrey called TRON Media in 2007. He thoroughly enjoyed numbers and analytics, so this industry felt very second nature to him.

Fast forward to 2013 and he sold his own, albeit small, PPC & SEO agency. It merged up with The Liquid Way, later renamed Collider, where he worked until 2015.

Nick left to pursue a new venture into more of a ‘consultative’ line of work. His skills were in PPC & SEO, however he really wanted to help businesses actually grow – either his own or other people’s; it was the growth element that excited had him excited. A few branding workshops later, and Spec was born. PPC & SEO experts that really grow businesses.

Where you'll find me...

I am an extrovert who cannot resist an opportunity to share knowledge with others.
For years I have attended & presented at marketing conferences all over the world.

Why do you work in PPC / SEO at Spec?

“I love the buzz of Spec. We often say that every day is a school day and it’s never been more true than in recent years at Spec.

It’s well known that I’ve tried to quit the PPC & SEO world twice now, but both times I’ve come back full of energy and with a fresh perspective on how to revolutionise the industry.”

What would you say is a client recipe for success?

“I believe that the universe is a balancing act between not enough and too much. Clients need enough internal expertise to know what they’re buying with Spec but not so much that they don’t actually need us.

Above all else, communication is what we call ‘the queen bee‘ and is protected at all costs both internally and externally. “Catching up” with clients at the correct interval is crucial to both time & project management.”

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

“I love an early fresh morning and regularly get up before 6am; the early bird catches the worm! Not to mention a nice hot coffee and a bowl of porridge…

In the day job, I love to see people develop, overcome challenges and grow in themselves. My philosophy is that the door at Spec is always open to the right junior to start their career in this industry. The team has developed a fantastic training programme and it’s humbling to see how many have started knowing nearly nothing to where they are today.”

What do you spend your time doing outside of work?

“Outside of the office, you’ll find me exploring the world with my wife or pursuing my passion for steam railways. I’m currently on track to pass my fireman test at a local railway.

I also enjoy a good Netflix series, 5 aside football, real British ale, playing lots of musical instruments and listening to music (from Jazz to Drum and Bass!)”